Starting the Bronze Award

All Year 10 students will receive information about Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award at the beginning of the year. 


All registration are online at you can look at the online user guide for any help in this process.

Information for ALL sections

Participants must complete requirements in four sections: Skill, Physical Recreation, Service, and Adventurous Journey. It is important students maintain logs in the ORB (online record book) of their activity as they progress through each section with their Personal Action Plan.

Skill, Physical Recreation and Service sections

Requirements: at least one hour per week over a minimum of 3 months/13 weeks for two sections, and at least one hour per week over a minimum of 6 months/26 weeks for one section.

It is important that participation for these sections consists of regular sessions for a minimum number of sessions - one hour every week. Note that these monthly time frames do not include weeks you did not carry out your weekly commitments: e.g. unpaid babysitting Feb 1 – April 30 would not count for 3 months if the Easter holiday was in April and you were not required over that holiday time. You would have to show on your ORB that you continued until you had completed at least 13 weeks of regular participation. You can't log more than 1 hour per week but that doesn't mean you have to stop after 1 hour if your training goes for 1.5 hours.


Many students are already involved in activities which meet the requirements for the Skills (e.g. learning an instrument, speech) and Physical Recreation sections (e.g. playing in a sports team, dance). The Service section involves voluntarily assisting in the community i.e. helping at a child care centre, toy library, a neighbour, a church etc. Helping your own family can not be counted as service.


Each of these activities requires an assessor (teacher, coach, leader or manager). The assessor should not be a parent of the student. The assessor should have sufficient qualifications and/or experience to make a judgement about the participant’s reliability, engagement, improvement and skill development during the time involved. For the activity to count towards the Award, the ORB should be filled in each session by the student with a comment about what was done by the assessor. When the total time requirement is met the assessor should (a) be able to write a full comment in your ORB (about your reliability, engagement, improvement and skills learnt over the total time of participation) and (b) approve your activity.


The website lists the vast range of activities which are suitable for these three sections.

Adventurous Journey section

This section focuses on a student’s development as an individual and how they work as part of a group, not just meeting the physical demands of the venture.   Students need to complete training to learn about being prepared for the outdoors (during Health classes), a Practice Tramp (during Term 1) and a Qualifying Tramp (during one of the last weeks of the Year 10 school year). The Bronze Tramps are each two days and one night, with 6 hours of activity each day, including about 4 hours of tramping each day. Extra activity time may include setting up tents/cooking etc. The Qualifying Tramp at the end of the year is planned for students who have attended the training and the Practice Tramp as well as having made a good start in the other three sections.

Completing the Award

Once you have finished a section or your overall award you can submit it to your award Leader for assessment. Your badge and certificate will then be ordered and you can register for your silver award if you would like to.

Once the Award Leader has signed off your Award, your badge and certificate will be presented in assembly.