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Marsden girls participate in a rich sports programme.

Extensive Sports programme

Marsden is recognised both nationally and internationally for our sporting success, and we have one of the highest sports participation rates in the country. Sport is a big part of who we are.

We offer a diverse range of over 20 sports, such as football, cricket, netball, shooting, rowing, hockey, lacrosse and orienteering. There is something to suit every student, whether at a social or highly competitive level. Whichever sport your daughter chooses, we have the team and the resources to make sure she can get out there and achieve her personal best, and younger students with talent often find a place in our top teams. See our Sports website for all our sport information. 


Our Director of Sport and specialist coaches and staff play key roles in maintaining exceptional sporting standards and in coaching and mentoring our sportswomen. Our dedicated team of sports staff, top-class facilities and resources ensure all students can reach their potential.


Through playing sport our students learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, resilience, courage and commitment. We expect gracious winners and good losers, and have fun along the way. 


You are welcome to chat to our Sports staff about how we can help foster your daughter's sporting interests and help her achieve her goals.


Three annual schoolwide sporting events involve our whole school community - athletics, cross country and swimming. These contests are fierce but fun as students compete individually and for the glory of their House.

Rosie Kirkpatrick

Director of Sport & Active Recreation
(04) 476 8707
Call me to discuss your daughter's sporting interests.

Competitions and Coaching

Individuals and teams compete locally, around the country and, from time to time, internationally, doing a fantastic job in representing the school and achieving excellent results along the way.

Experts and elite athletes come in to help our sportswomen and their coaches improve essential skills while we support our top athletes as much as we can in their ambitious goals.

We are fortunate to have the energetic support of parents in all our sports. The Friends of Netball, Friends of Hockey and Friends of Rowing are particularly strong social and fundraising groups within the school.


For more details visit our dedicated Marsden Sports website or contact Director of Sport & Active Recreation, Rosie Kirkpatrick, if you have any questions.


Future Sports Stars

In the past decade Marsden students or Old Girls have been World Champions (Mountain running and Yachting), Commonwealth Games representatives (in Swimming and Athletics) and won many New Zealand selections and international medals.



Primary sports opportunities

Our enthusiasm for sports starts at Primary! As well as the weekly Physical Education programme with our specialist P.E. teacher, Marsden Primary students can join our school teams in a range of sports, including netball, hockey, futsal, floorball, miniball and tennis lessons.


Our girls enjoy the friendly rivalry of inter-school exchanges throughout the year with other Primary schools. They also participate in a variety of Wellington-wide sports festivals.


Cross country colour run

Marsden students compete in qualifying competitions at school then go on to represent us in Western Zone and Interzone athletics, swimming and cross country events.

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Primary Athletics

Inter-house Sport

Years 1-6 Students belong to one of three Primary Houses, Fitzherbert, Innes and Sprott, proudly led by their Year 6 Captains and Deputies.

House spirit is evident at inter-house sports events where competing chants ring out across our sports field. Points awarded during the year culminate in a House trophy presented at the end of year Prize Giving. Emphasis is placed on ‘enthusiastic participation’ and 'achieving personal bests' in the cross country, swimming and athletics House events.

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Supporting their houses

Preschool girls and boys enthusiastically join the Primary to take part in cross country and athletic sports.