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The New Zealand curriculum underpins the holistic approach to learning at Marsden Primary.

Our Programmes

At Marsden we like to concentrate on literacy and numeracy, but we know that our girls need much more than this in their future lives. Creative problem solving, key thinking skills, managing self and relating to others are amongst the skills actively incorporated within our teaching.

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Marsden Primary uses the iDeaL structured literacy approach to writing and reading – developing skills and supporting all students in literacy. We use PR1ME Mathematics – based on the highly successful Singapore Maths to give our girls strong foundations in number, which underpins all units of learning.


Science, Technology, Social Sciences and the Arts form part of the classroom programme. Students have unique opportunities to experience the Upper School Science Laboratories and other Upper School facilities. Marsden Staff are committed to fostering a love of learning in our students whilst building the relationship and connection between the Primary and Upper Schools. 


Our Physical Education specialist teaches students fundamental movement skills which enables them to develop confidence and competence in their physical ability. The skills taught transfer into their chosen sports and activities.


So many opportunities are provided through Marsden Primary's music programme led by our inspiring Music specialist.  Every student has the opportunity to learn an instrument each year as they move through the school – from violin, cello, ukulele and recorder! All students participate in either the Junior Choir or Chapel Choir. 


We have a specialist who teaches Te Reo Māori and Kapa Haka, and each class also has a weekly session with the School Librarians in our well-equipped Library.

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We all learn at our own pace, so knowing our children well allows us to differentiate the pace, the pitch and content of each lesson ensuring the best outcomes for each individual student. This is key to keeping students challenged, both our gifted and talented girls and those needing extra support.

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After six years at Marsden Primary, girls are well prepared for intermediate or Upper School, secure in the knowledge that they are well known and their needs understood.

Learning Support

Learning support is provided for students who have been identified as needing extra support. This is designed to meet the learner's specific needs and is done in collaboration with the classroom teacher, families and support staff.

International Students

We enjoy the rich cultural diversity that International Students bring to Marsden. For these Primary students, extra sessions are timetabled to support their developing English skills.

Arrowsmith Program ®

The internationally renowned Arrowsmith Program® is a schoolwide initiative that helps children and adults overcome a wide range of learning differences. Using principles of neuroplasticity, the programme employs techniques that focus on strengthening cognitive functions. Since starting the Arrowsmith Program in 2014 the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Students from Year 3 to Year 13 have taken part and benefited from the targeted approach in this class.  See our Arrowsmith Program page for more details and contact us if you would like any further information.  


KiVa Anti-bullying Programme

Marsden has taken a proactive stance to equip children with the skills to recognise and influence instances of bullying. The KiVa Anti-bullying Programme has strong academic research behind it and has won several international awards. Uniquely, it equips the bystander with skills to intervene in a bullying situation. We have staff who are trained to address any issues of bullying and we also run a series of class lessons throughout the year across the Primary School. From the results of an annual, end-of-year questionnaire, we can tweak the programme to best fit each class. 

Keeping in Touch

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Marsden Primary uses Seesaw digital portfolios, to keep parents up-to-date with their child's learning. They can view samples of work, see short videos of class events, and comment on their child's posts. The immediacy that this tool grants, is appreciated by many of our parents, and wider family too who can log in, even from overseas to see their child's special moments. 


Our Primary Newsletter is also sent weekly using Seesaw.

Our Ultimate Goal

Marsden Schools prepare children and young people for lives of meaning, accomplishment and genuine happiness.