Let our results speak for themselves.

Academic Achievements for 2022


We are proud that, yet again, Marsden students have achieved outstanding NCEA results at merit and excellence levels, reflecting the expert teaching, individual attention and a proactive approach to wellbeing which lays the foundation for academic success. Great academic results are just one of the outcomes of a holistic Marsden education. We are thrilled to see the energy and commitment that Marsden girls bring to all that they do and our goal is for each girl to achieve her personal best. It is gratifying to see our students consistently exceeding their original expectations for themselves.

The following table demonstrates the performance of Marsden students in comparison to national data for decile 10 schools and, in particular, the data for girls. There is strong statistical evidence to show that girls achieve better academic results in a girls’ school environment. Decile 10 schools are those with the highest socio-economic demographic ranking, including state, integrated and independent schools. The table compares the performance of Marsden students with girls in girls’ schools and girls in co-ed schools.


Tertiary Scholarships


Each year, a high proportion of our school leavers are awarded lucrative scholarships to support their tertiary education. To a large extent, these awards are based on academic performance. We are delighted that for many of our girls, excellence in school is bringing significant rewards for them at university. Marsden is a small school, but the numbers of Marsden students being honoured at this level is disproportionately high.