Parents of Marsden Primary girls understand a crucial fact about education: what happens early matters.

The ultimate goal

They appreciate that the purpose of education is not simply to prepare children for university and career, but to prepare them for success in life. And - when that's your measure - you understand it doesn't make sense to wait until your daughter is college age. Strong foundations are laid early.


The most striking characteristic of Marsden Primary girls is their confidence and self-esteem.  That's an outcome of our holistic approach: of course we deliver the New Zealand curriculum, but - much more than that - we're developing our girls as the individuals they are.

Small class sizes

It's the Marsden philosophy in action. Our classes are smaller, which allows us to take a close personal interest in every student, because every child is unique.

Marsden’s Primary School has truly brought out the best in our daughters. The leadership opportunities, teaching resources and incredible learning environment Marsden offers has convinced us it’s the best investment we could ever make.

Kate and Jamie Fitzgerald, 2021

Marsden Primary Handbook 2023

Marsden Primary Handbook 2023

Samuel Marsden Primary Handbook 2023 outlines the values, goals, and organisation of Marsden Primary. It highlights relevant aspects of the curriculum and also provides general information for parents and students.

We're so proud of our students. Watch Marsden Primary's end of year celebration from 2021 below:

Head of Primary

Jo Burns
Head of Marsden Primary, Director of International Students
(04) 476 8707
My daily focus is how we will continue to empower our students to reach their full potential in an ever-changing world.

Jo Burns, Head of Marsden Primary