Our Deans are here to assist students in their personal development.

Marsden Deans

The Dean network is here to assist students in their personal development. 


If students have any concerns we can either help or refer them to others. We are always prepared to listen.


Confidentiality is most important and would only be broken if a student's safety or the safety of someone else is at risk.

2024 Deans

Year Level Name Contact
7 Rose Stevens rose.stevens@marsden.school.nz
8 Jane Hazelton
(Term 1, 2024)   
Rebecca George
(Term 2, 2024 onwards)   
9 Andrea Stockwell andrea.stockwell@marsden.school.nz
10 Louise Kleingeld louise.kleingeld@marsden.school.nz
11 Sarah Molisa sarah.molisa@marsden.school.nz
12 Aylana Wright aylana.wright@marsden.school.nz
13 Charlotte McCarthy charlotte.mccarthy@marsden.school.nz