Read what others say about a Marsden School education.

Parents talk about their Marsden experience

In 2020 we moved our daughter to Marsden Primary at age 6 and we haven't looked back. She loves school and has thrived both inside and outside the classroom. Marsden has the ability to connect and work with each child’s uniqueness and ensures that there is no opportunity missed. We have since started our youngest daughter who is also thriving. Marsden is more than just an education for our girls, it provides a proactive learning environment that encompasses life skills, sport, music and cultural activities to help them shine in the way they would like.

The staff are connected and interested in each child’s outcomes, both educational and personal. Most importantly, our girls are happy and engaged in their schooling and look forward to each day. We highly recommend Samuel Marsden to anyone considering investing in their children's well-being and education in this way.
Mark and Francesca Jurgeleit 2022

In their time at Preschool our children have become more confident, independent and have made wonderful friendships. We love being part of the Preschool community and wouldn’t hesitate recommending the centre to others.

Tucker Family, 2021


Marsden Primary has truly brought out the best in our daughters. The leadership opportunities, teaching resources and incredible learning environment Marsden offers has convinced us it’s the best investment we could ever make. We simply want our girls to be the best they can be, and we believe Marsden is making that happen. We’re excited to see our girls continue to grow, and for us all to be part of the friendly Marsden community.
Kate and Jamie Fitzgerald 2021



School Leavers reflect on their school years

Marsden, a friendly community, has imparted important life lessons in integrity, resilience, and confidence to me. Through my experiences there, I've discovered the best version of myself. The Marsden community has been instrumental in both my personal and academic growth.
Isabella, Y13 2023

Marsden has given me the opportunity to be heard, seen and valued, and created a pathway of endless possibilities in the future. I have been surrounded by some of the nicest people I have ever met and learnt so much from the teachers and not just academically; I truly am appreciative of the education and support I have received here at Marsden.

Rana, Year 13 2023


A Marsden education taught me that education is not just a classroom, or homework, but that people light up people. Marsden's teachers lit me up. To light the way for others, you must shine the light yourself, and this is the best knowledge I received. Not only did I learn this, but Marsden also made us a group, and we all got along happily and harmoniously, and made more friends.
Molly, Year 13 2022

Marsden has helped me develop tenacity, I have learned perseverance above all. To keep pushing forward little by little so that one day we may look back on the steps we took and feel proud of ourselves.

Pippa, Year 13 2022


Marsden has not only provided me with an amazing education, but has also taught me the importance of teamwork, how to continuously be resilient and how to be a successful leader. As well as this, I have made life-long friendships throughout my time at Marsden.
Lauren, Year 13 2022



International school experience

Marsden gave me an international school experience in which I learnt a lot of new things.  I learned about subjects like Classics but also about a good student  community, and I'm now ready to return to Germany to attend University.

Franziska Sievers, International Student, 2020